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Mao's (Wacko-Crazy-Randomly-Updated) Journal

Mao - Peacemaker of the World, Acoustic Fiddler
9 May
Hello all! This is me. My life. My stuff. Etc.
I'm Mao. No, not the stupid communist dude. I'm NOT CHINESE either. HA! :-D Feel free to IM me to talk about any number of the following things:

Anime, Manga, Harry Potter, Fanfiction (HET, YAOI and SLASH), Alan Rickman, England, Music (Instrument playing), Programming, Tweaks, and Computer technical stuff... ESPECIALLY computer stuff.
teehee. Thats all for my bio now.

Gah...Realizing my bio sucks like shit. hmmm...

I PLAY GUITAAAR! And I stink at playin' it but lovin' it. I also play...violin. *laughs* Ha, been playin for a while, that, more than half my life. ;P

PIXEL ART ROCKS MY SOCKS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snape Is Love

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Alan Is Love

Violin is love

Guitar (and violin). Is. Love.

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